Where do you want to start, how deep do you want to dig and
where is it supposed to lead?

I pick you up where you are and together we clarify your priorities.

Individual Feng Shui on-site Consultation

We look at your living space and its inhabitants individually, whether apartment or house. You learn which potentials your space offers and where optimizations make sense to boost your life and wellbeing.

Looking forward to talk to you.

Online Consultation - "Start Simple - First Steps"

You want to take your first steps as quickly as possible. Whether chi flow, optimal personal directions or decluttering. This is only about the basics, without having to carry out an extensive Feng Shui consultation. It is an online module in which you get practical and directly implementable advice.

Feng Shui & Wellbeing

Andrea Puck

+49 160 35 74 718


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