“The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow”


(Buckminster Fuller)  


Whether as a working woman, mother, couple or single person. You want to start a new phase of life with new ideas and impulses. My passion is to show you how you can benefit with the help of Feng Shui and integrate more well-being and momentum into your life.


Hi, that’s me…

… my name is Andrea. I am a former Expat spouse, mother of a daughter, Wellpreneur, nature lover, travel enthusiast and back in my home country after adventurous, rewarding and sometimes challenging journeys throughout 3 countries on 3 continents in 10 years.

A decade in which I had the privilege with my husband and family to get to know and fall in love with new cultures. Countries like Trinidad, Thailand and Nigeria had been our home.
Never boring always exiting and nothing unusual for those living an Expat life.

This experience abroad taught me a profound lesson.

The importance of finding and creating a home that sparks joy, wellbeing and support no matter or even despite cultural differences or obstacles.

I have been fascinated by holistic topics for well over 15 years.
Topics like TCM, Ayurveda, Yoga, Feng Shui and herbal medicine have always attracted me in the form of books, seminars and trainings.

Besides training in Ayurveda massage at the European Academy for Ayurveda in Birstein…

… and Thai Yoga Massage at Lotus Palm School in Montreal,

… I completed my Feng Shui basic training at the International Feng Shui Academy in Hamburg.

All in all, it is the fascination for the laws of nature. It underlies all the teachings. As we are part of nature, why not learning to live in alignment with nature.

Finding Well-being, a key to success

Finding a home where you feel comfortable and safe is an exciting and rewarding task. Most of us spend a lot of time at home and this environment should suit us, do us good and should never be a burden.

It requires not only organization but also the courage to look closely, the courage to change. To recognize what is important or what can be let go.

None of us wants to have to pack, repack or unpack unnecessary baggage all the time.

This is where you come in

  • Wondering yourself what baggage you’re carrying?
  • Are you ready for change?
  • What should your ideal life look like?
The knowledge and methods of Feng Shui are very helpful to take the first steps towards change. It is the art to harness the surrounding energy. The tools help us to see how our environment can limit but also strengthen us. Be aware it’s your choice.

Energetically we are influenced by everything around us. Whether we consciously perceive it or not.

Children in particular are intensively impacted by external, unfiltered influences. As a parent or caregiver, we want to create a living space that is in the interest of the child. Create a surrounding that energetically supports the child’s well-being and growth.

It can be the key to undisturbed and restful sleep, stable health, more creativity and focus.
A gift that we should give not only to our children, but also to ourselves.

You’re worth it.

I’ll gladly pass on my experience and fascination for Feng Shui to you.

Feng Shui & Wellbeing

Andrea Puck

+49 160 35 74 718


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